Well, as the holidays approach, the ole brain starts running towards the best Christmas gifts I can think of for my long xmas list. With the economy in its slump, clever and economical gift giving is a priority this year. Having just started reviewing Andy Turner's e-book, Wire Writing Secrets, How To Make Personalized Wire Name Jewelry, I can't help but think about what great Christmas gifts these would make. With several nieces and women on the list this holiday season, wire name necklaces and even bracelets and pins would be a gift I'd be proud to give.

This would also be an economical way to give wonderful xmas gifts that would be very personal and a keepsake as well. Believe it or not, I still have the wire name pin my grandmother bought me when I was a kid. It's my oldest piece of jewelry and I still remember standing at the kiosk, fascinated by the hands of the man writing my name in gold filled wire.